Acidity Relief Tea

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Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to digestive harmony with our Acidity Relief Tea. Trust in the power of nature to provide gentle relief and support your journey towards optimal wellness.

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What is Acidity Relief Tea?

Acidity Relief Tea is a type of herbal tea specifically formulated to help alleviate symptoms related to acidity and indigestion. It typically consists of a blend of herbs and botanicals known for their digestive properties. Ingredients such as Coriander, Licorice, Cardamom & Ginger are commonly found in acidity teas due to their potential to soothe the digestive tract, reduce inflammation, and provide relief from acid reflux or heartburn.

The tea is often caffeine-free to avoid any additional irritation to the digestive system. Many people find Acidity Relief Tea helpful in promoting a more comfortable digestive experience after meals or when experiencing symptoms of acidity.

Maintain Gut Ph

Reduces Acidity

Quick Absorption

Decrease Bloating

If you are pregnant or nursing, or have a known medical condition, consult your physician before taking this or any other dietary supplement.

Digest well,
live well

Wellness Wonders

Discover the benefits of Gut Health in Every Sip.

Week 1-3

Ignites digestive fire

A blend of warm spices carefully crafted to spark a digestive fire supports digestion.

Week 4-6

Relieves from digestive problems

The powerful mix of Ginger and spices enhances digestion, reducing bloating and acidity.

Week 7-9

Flushes out body toxins

This Ayurvedic mix helps the body get rid of toxins by supporting natural detoxification.

Week 10-12

Manages Weight

The special mix of spices speeds up your metabolism and aids in weight management.

Why Vapika’s Acidity Relief Tea?

Discover Vapika’s Acidity Relief Tea, your soothing companion for tummy troubles. Carefully crafted with a blend of gentle herbs, it’s the best choice for easing acidity, bloating, and indigestion. Sip on this comforting brew, specially designed to calm your digestive system. With natural ingredients like Ginger, Milk thistle, Licorice and more, it’s a tasty way to find relief. No more tummy aches or discomfort

Vapika’s Acidity Relief Tea is your go-to solution. Trust the power of nature to bring comfort and ease to your digestive woes. Make every sip a step towards a happier, healthier you!

How to Brew Pre-Workout Tea

Water – 250ml (1 Big Cup)
Temperature 75° – 80° (Hot Water)
Add 1 Spoon of tea leaves (Steep for 3-5 Minutes)
Sip it warm (Do not add milk or any sweetener)

Benefits of taking – Acidity Relief Tea

Experience the goodness of Acidity Relief Tea! This soothing blend is like a hug for your tummy. It helps calm down acidity, bloating, and indigestion, making you feel more comfortable.

Say goodbye to those annoying tummy troubles and hello to relief! Plus, it’s easy to make – just steep and sip. Feel the difference as the tea works its magic. Embrace the benefits of Acidity Relief Tea and let your tummy thank you for the care!

Caffeine Free
No Chemical Medicines
Small Batches Blend
No Artificial Preservatives

Acidity Relief Tea


Helps improve hyperpigmentation and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


A super food for the skin, Ashwagandha deeply cleanses, moisturizes, calms, and adds a natural glow to the skin.


Prevents oiliness, reduces acne, removes clogged dirt, and gives radiant skin.


Contains citric acid that helps lighten and brighten the skin organically.

Milk Thistle

Boosts collagen levels in the skin, reducing inflammation caused by UV exposure and sun damage, and helps alleviate skin dryness.


Deals with skin irritation, Improves complexion, and prevents skin allergies.

Real People, Real Stories

Sustained intake and a health-conscious lifestyle make a significant impact.

Neera Nath

Vapika acidity tea is awesome! Had it and, felt better.

(Verified Customer)

Payal Patel

Simple, quick, effective. Vapika tea works like magic. Recommended

(Verified Customer)

Rahul Mahajan

Everyone try it if they have acidity problems highly recommend

(Verified Customer)

Vapika Promise

We promise whole leaf, fresh and aromatic teas to our consumer at the most affordable pricing. Our mission is to change the way people consume tea.




Frequently Asked Questions

Is Acidity Relief Tea safe for daily consumption?

Yes, Acidity Relief Tea is safe for daily use. Its natural ingredients are gentle on the stomach.

How quickly can I expect relief from acidity symptoms?

Relief time varies, but many users experience comfort shortly after enjoying a cup.

Can I use Acidity Relief Tea alongside medication?

While generally safe, consult with a healthcare professional if using it alongside specific medications.

Is Acidity Relief Tea suitable for pregnant individuals?

It’s advisable to consult a healthcare provider before consuming Acidity Relief Tea during pregnancy.

Does Acidity Relief Tea contain caffeine?

Typically, Acidity Relief Tea is caffeine-free, but it’s essential to check the product details for specific blends.

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12 reviews for Acidity Relief Tea

  1. Ravinder Singh

    Dosto, if you’re tired of those packet wale digestive powders, try this acidity relief tea. It’s like magic, seriously! After having heavy meals , I sipped on this tea, and trust me, it’s like feeling a burp-y breeze of relief.

  2. Premdhar Pathak

    for a food lover like me this acidity tea is really like a good friend who helps us in the hard times.

  3. Jyoti shukla

    acidity tea is big problem for me now finally i solved it with vapika acidity relief tea

  4. neerja kapoor

    the kind of relief it provides after drinking it really amazing no words

  5. Radhika Gupta

    nice tea it gives relief and there is no healthy solution than this.

  6. Sunny Sabherwal

    amazed how natural ingredients work really well with no side effects and simple and easy

  7. Kishor Patil

    refreshing and soothing tea

  8. Ansal Raj

    I am using this daily drinking one time in a day and eating the things which like to eat comfortably no more thinking before eating

  9. Pankaj Setia

    Instant comfort in a cup. No more acidity hassles.

  10. Galvin Kochar

    really effective and also the flavour is really good

  11. Jaspreet Singh

    works for me well will buy more from vapika

  12. Priya Talwani

    vapike acidity tea joined in my important things list

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Acidity Relief Tea
590 Original price was: ₹590.490Current price is: ₹490.