Chocolate Chai

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Whether you enjoy it as a morning pick-me-up, a mid-afternoon treat, or a cozy evening indulgence, our Chocolate Chai offers a delightful and beneficial experience that’s sure to uplift your spirits and nourish your body. So, go ahead, sip on the goodness of Chocolate Chai and treat yourself to a moment of blissful indulgence.

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A Wonderfully Sweet Chocolate Chai

Drinking chocolate tea can be good for you in simple ways. It gives you a tasty mix of chocolate and tea. This special blend might make you feel happy and warm inside. Plus, it could be a cozy treat, especially if you love both chocolate and tea. It’s a delightful way to enjoy a comforting drink and might even lift your spirits. Just sip, relax, and savor the goodness of cocoa nibs and tea combined.

Helps relieve stress

Boosts energy levels

Loaded with antioxidants

Chocolate Chai!

A Perfect all Year Round!!

The blend of cocoa and tea offers antioxidants, making it a tasty way to support your well-being. Sip on the goodness of chocolate chai for a delightful and beneficial experience.

How to Make Chocolate Chai

Water – 1 cup
Boil Water, simmer the flame
Add 1 Spoon of tea leaves (let it simmer for 2-3 Minutes)
Add milk and sweetener of your choice
Enjoy it hot!

Savor the sweetness, embrace the warmth – that’s the magic of chocolate chai.

Vapika Promise

We promise whole leaf, fresh and aromatic teas to our consumer at the most affordable pricing. Our mission is to change the way people consume tea.




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4 reviews for Chocolate Chai

  1. Aditi

    i love it!! so much tasty!!!

  2. Ghulam Khan

    the chocolate flavour makes it so yummy

  3. Avneet Kaur

    I love this Chocolate Chai from vapika. The fusion of cocoa nibs and tea is intriguing and offers a unique twist on traditional chai blends.
    This combination is likely to appeal to consumers who enjoy both chocolate and tea flavors, offering them a novel taste experience.

  4. Yogesh Sharma

    I’m top lover of tea & chocolate and
    Wow! i found the combination of chocolate tea at vapika.
    So happy that I stumbled across this page on Instagram.

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Chocolate Chai
590 Original price was: ₹590.560Current price is: ₹560.